Magical Tree

Magical Tree

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one entertainment's game with nice and beauty,fantasy,joyful and colorful levels for you

in game story, our boy lost in mysterious land, where that he dont know it.
and now he have one way for back to his land,and that's find all magical trees and get most items of them and find way to open magical gate with help of cute rabbit. but it'll be harder when he reach to upper levels.

Do you like test that?
Do you can do it?
OK, lets get start it.
hurry up , get it and try if you can help to our boy!

this is a full hd game for PC, Mac, Linux, ANDROID and perfect for devices with 1280x720 and 1920x1080 resolution.
also you not need special and strong device's.
you can have happy and good time with play this game.
this game is the best for idle time such as :
metro and waiting room and....

    If you do not have the focus, you found negative points instead positive points and may lose your time


    note that,you do not lose your food and items with a positive rating and harvest helper item and extra points.


    Must be quick, so you can get more food and good item from magical trees. Remember, your time is limited.


    even just with one device, you can compete with your friends and earn the most points in each round,each have your account and your record,and can see best record in ranking screen.